Flow Nozzle

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The Flow Nozzle has its characteristic in between the Orifice Plate and Venturi Tube. The Flow Nozzle format allows its application in services that the fluid is abrasive andcorrosive.

Its main use is for steam flow in critical conditions of operation (high speed, temperature and pressure).

There are two types of standard Flow Nozzles, type “ASME” and type “ISA”. The main difference between them is the inlet radius profile and the pressure taps types, where “ASME” uses the Radius Taps (1D-1 / 2D) standard on the tube, and “ISA” uses the Corner Taps in piezometric rings welded together to the nozzle.

Materials: Carbon Steel, 304/316 Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, F11, F5, F22 Alloy Steel. Others on request.